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Well after observing an incident on a certain libertarian blog it has gotten me thinking what are the limits on free speech?

Well let me first begin by describing the incident on the blog a fairly innocuous one on climate change and general chit chat.  A new poster appeared who shall be called Bob who decided to regale the audience with tales of his family life with bad language thrown in.  Totally going against the grain the blog.  Well after what must have been a few beers these tales got more lurid and eventually descended into sexual exploits of a rather nasty, graphic nature and somewhat disturbing nature to read.

Eventually people posting were upset and complaints were made and the final offending comment censored and the poster asked to go elsewhere.

My point is this does a self proclaimed Libertarian blog have the right to censor no matter how bad, especially after a lot of it’s adherents are refugees from censorship elsewhere on other blogs?

Now don’t get me wrong in this case I think it was justified and had to be done.

I ask are there limits to what can be said on a blog, does this censorship infringe free speech?  It was in really bad taste and quite vile but do we have the right to censor?  Especially after being censored our selves for lesser infractions else where.

As I will repeat I feel it was necessary in this case but am I imposing my own morality on the person.

Tell me what you think?

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Well it’s been a long time since I came to this city with a small town feel, a city of contrasts and two cultures living side by side, not always in harmony it’s true but the city did bring the World the blues and rock n roll with many accomplished musicians the best known being Elvis and the infamously badly decorated jungle room.

So please share your thoughts of this little slice of Heaven or Hell down by the mighty muddy itself the Mississippi.

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This is my special blog dedicated to all those partaking in their own special feud at ozboys bar and grill.  Now is your chance to verbally duel may the best he/she/it/thing win.

You are reminded to avoid the N***** word and the S***P word other than that you can pay your own legal libel bills as by using this blog you are assuming full responsibility for what you say and none of it is sanctioned by myself whatsoever.

Now let the dueling begin

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The question I pose to everyone is there an inherent bias in the moderation on the Daily Telegraph blogs?  Are some people apparently singled out for heavy moderation because of their political, religious or moral views?  Is there a wide gap between there stated policy and it’s implementation?

We all have our view on this and I would like to hear your opinions.

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Dugong’s and Manatees are closely related marine mammal species with similar lifestyles and both are propeller fodder but in knock down drag out fight sea cow versus sea cow which would wuss out first.  This is a matter of national pride and Aussie versus America.  So let me know.

For once the UK is keeping out of this because the national fish the smoked kipper is not technically a mammal.

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Well as this is my first blog none of it will be particularly exciting or funny really rather boring however I need the answer as to why is it after a few months you only end up with one sock of a pair? Does his mighty tentacleness himself send strange beings to eat them in the dryer to drive us insane is it all part of his plan is there really a strange creature invisible living in there.

Lake Dillon the Rockies.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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