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Thanks to Amanda for the greatest quote of the day “Without actually fondling the DNA ourselves — all hygienically done while in lab coats, mind“.  I ask is romance dead or is this a new chapter in pillow talk as in “Darling do you mind if I fondle your DNA“.

Scientists can be a kinky bunch at the best of times with vivid imaginations and little else in real life experience so DNA fondling is something I suspect they look forward to.   So how do you fondle DNA I mean the thought of four base pairs all intertwined  in a double helix gets me more excited than I would like to admit.  Is there a whole sub culture of DNA pron out there sometimes in leather and handcuffs, are there perverted RNA lovers out there living on the edge of society living the wildlife meeting in restrooms and park bushes.   Do people attend chromosome parties where DNA lovers get up to all sorts of strange stuff all night long and a lot of recombination goes on.  Most importantly of all why don’t I get invited to those parties.

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Ok I’m to lazy to actually do this as a vote for and tally it up.

So just list your all time favourite trolls and assorted unhinged types and why?

Just remember this is your own personal opinion and not mine so you are totally responsible for your comments.  Invective is ok but since I rule with an iron fist here if it’s just too crude even for me it gets edited.  Also remember this is good fun so if you accuse someone of unnatural acts I will say you are only joking isn’t that right so please use the words allegedly a lot and just joking at the end.  Since we do not know who these people really are I’m sure they are all sad lonely losers living at home with mum in the basement and whose love lives consist Mrs Palm her five daughters and have brought onanism to an art form.  Or they are pillars of the community (yeh right).

My favourites of all time are Daviddee (IRA supporter whose forgotten the war is over), fabian_solutions the cut and paste king of an insane Trotskyist social agenda, freewales (George Monbiot) because he clings to the old AGW religion in the face of the facts but he’s not really a troll.  Lastly duckham Mr Beak oil himself a man who thinks we’ve run out of oil and all muslims are nice.   I’m sure that should be we’ve run out of muslims and all oil is nice.

So go ahead let me know.

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I made myself a promise not to blog about anthropocentric global warming or AGW so I shall not mention it much except to say that it looking less likely everyday that the foolish measures to fix it are not going to be implemented.

Since it was all a giant scam to bleed us dry of every penny we had into the hands of a very few men just what are they going to do to replace what evil scheme will they dream up to get richer than Croesus, somebody has already suggested instead of Carbon trades maybe it should be Cod trades over limited fisheries rights but that really isn’t grand enough and doesn’t sound remotely scary.  So what next Asteroids, Comets, Aliens, giant mutant lesbian Polar bears, you tell me?  Nothing is too evil or fantastic a scenario as long as it involves a way the public is scared and there is lots of money in it.

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Well the November elections are fast approaching and whatever happens is going to be a game changer.  A lot of incumbents Democrat and Republicans may face replacement with new candidates sanctioned by the tea party bringing lots of needed fresh blood to Washington.  The people are fed up with business as usual and the political elite ignoring the wishes of the people and kowtowing to the usual vested interests such as the unions, business and other special interests.

Saying all that the democrats are most likely to face political annihilation for forcing through Obama care and other unpopular measures, ignoring big issues like the national debt, illegal immigration and most importantly a real unemployment rate of around 18%.

Will the Democrats then pull out all the stops to rig the election with dirty tactics, will illegal immigrants get the vote in time to make a difference, how many dead people will zombie like get to vote, how many “hey look we just found these twenty ballot boxes conveniently” will be found.

There are further internet rumours of a false flag incident being used to nullify or suspend the elections or declare Marshall law.  Now these are on the extreme side of possibility’s but how much does changing America mean to them would they really be willing to risk that nuclear option.

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Everyone is descended from someone but were your ancestors somebody important or just mainly boring.  Are you related to somebody famous or had relatives that were friends of people famous.  Does anyone have any good tales to tell?  Has your family made outrageous claims such as you’re descended from the last Pharaoh of Egypt you’re really from the planet Zorkon or even more exaggerated claims?

To get  it started I will say I had an ancestor who was a mole catcher.

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