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Let us pause in remembrance of all the Turkeys numbering in their millions whom gave their lives on this Thanksgiving day, their sacrifice was not in vain. Especially slow cooked for twelve hours with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy.
We salute you, now for turkey leftovers for the next week.
Thanksgiving Turkey.

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The internet has allowed a great deal of people in many countries many new ways to express themselves usually with impunity and anonymously.
Usually this has allowed people to discuss everything from baking cakes, sports, politics and the latest conspiracy theory about shape shifting inter-dimensional reptiloids.

On the whole I think this has been a healthy thing it allows many people from around the world to meet each other and make friends and promotes understanding of different cultures and ideas.

Another good thing it has allowed people to challenge the status quo in politics and big issues of the day such as global warming. This is healthy for democracies as it challenges the political entrenched elites and their lackeys in the MSM suddenly their grip on power is shown what it always was very tenuous indeed.

The flip side to all this is the dark side of the internet whereby extremist elements of all political persuasions and religions also get to express their point of view to try and recruit useful idiots to whatever insane agenda they are promoting.

Another dark side is the total anonymity allows people to reveal their true inner nature, this can be really ugly and downright disturbing at times. Showing that a lot of people have not really evolved very far from the apes that roamed the African Savannah’s millions of years ago. You find a lot of people have some serious mental health issues as well the worst of these are those that seem normal at first glance but are instead paranoid sociopaths or worse serial killers in training.

Ape men.

So where do we draw the line should everyone be allowed to freely express themselves even knowing full well a lot of people are not carrying a full hod of bricks. Do we have to allow this just so the rest of us can make our voices heard and great movements like the Tea Party to flourish and grow to challenge political orthodoxy in Washington.

It is noticeable that governments even in the so called free Western democracies are now attempting to stifle debate on the internet with new rules and regulations so they can never be challenged. Doing this I feel is dangerous because if the people have no way to freely express themselves and influence events eventually it leads to violence and attempts to overthrow the authority’s. I do not advocate this but I do see it as an outcome of trying to control people, even in the good old days of the USSR resistance to the authority’s existed and the USSR fell apart from it’s internal contradictions.

So I ask should the internet be censored? Should anonymity continue?
Should government control the internet in it’s own selfish interests?
Or should we continue as we are with the loonies in tow?

Tin foil hat wearers.

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Now that our God Emperor has won the Bastiat prize for illegitimate writing (my French is rusty), he has now been gifted with unending adoration from the literary crowd and new untold wealth. His new found prize money said to be worth billions in Zim dollars means he can now lead a life of ease and afford all the servants he has time to beat.

James Delingpole.
James Delingpole receives the Bastiat prize.

James Delingpole won the prize after being forced to kill all of his opponents in gladiatorial style combat. He was then awarded the sacred Gladius of Bastiat.
So now that fame and wealth are all his does he need us the little people anymore? Will he throw us all away to lead an indolent life of luxury with all the foxes he can eat?
Or will he show magnanimity and descend to Earth once more to lead us all in the fight against the dreaded meeting of all the dark powers in this world at Cancun.

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Well all this recent talk of Libertarianism has led me to propose a new way to the future Anti Libertarianism none of this freedom of choice nonsense people need to know whose in charge and what to do with their miserable squalid unwashed lives.
So what role models should Anti Libertarianism take well obviously not the failed models provided by Stalin, Mao, Fabian_Nosolutions, Hitler, Pol Pot as these worn out left wing models show us the way to do it wrong. After much thought there could be only one leader that could inspire Anti Libertarianism and that is Ming the Merciless.

Ming the Merciless dealing with a rabid fanatical Libertarian.

    Ming the Merciless having his hair blow dried by a typical libertarian.

Why Ming you ask because there is a man or more accurately Alien Emperor of the Universe that does it right when not having to dealing Libertarians from Earth.

Stereotypical Libertarians.

    A typical meeting of your average Libertarians.

Ming is the ideal role model because he knows what is best for varied populations of his empire and takes a no nonsense no mercy approach to their demands for freedom.
For Ming knows what is best for his people such as his suggestion on pain of death that they bathe at least once a year. His concern on how they should live their lives even goes to telling them not to eat dung even if that is all they have left to eat.

Ming being the very epitome of Anti Libertarianism has brought his world into an era of peace harmony expanded trade and oppression. So I leave it up to you to tell me what else Ming should be doing in the cause of Anti Libertarianism.

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Why does it seem that sometimes you post comments on a Blog only to find it soon descends from the normality of boring farm life in Kansas to being whisked by a tornado into the magical land of OZ?
One minute everything is fine everyone is agreeable then suddenly with out any warning the blog takes a weird turn and the tornado of personality conflicts whisks you off to a strange land. Where your friends are not what they seem suddenly you are surrounded by the tin man, the scarecrow and the cowardly lion as companions and beset by flying monkeys and evil witches.
Although flying evil monkeys are kind of cool they soon dog your steps along the yellow brick road of commenting. Why is it I must dress as Dorothy and carry around a lazy dog called Toto and why is that image going to haunt you the rest of your lives.
We step onto a Blog expecting the familiar and are soon on the yellow brick road full of danger seeking a way home. After all life in boring Kansas which we wanted to get away from seems such a pleasant memory now.

So why is that blogs can descend into total weirdness acrimony and full of new and strange dangers?

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