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Predictions for 2011.

Well what will 2011 hold we asked the magic oracle and this what the year ahead holds.
Will squirrels attack – YES
Is Moonbat going away – YES
Will Sarah Palin run for President – YES
Has an ice age begun – YES
Will AGW finally die -YES
Will the mole people invade the surface – YES
Will the Greenland ice sheet collapse – YES
Well this where I asked the questions now add your predictions…

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Well Merry Christmas to everyone and their families I hope everyone has a good time and has lots of good food to eat.

Line up.

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The Napoleonic wars are one of my favourite time periods and sometimes I wish I could be in Wellington’s army fighting in the Peninsular war until you remember the lack of amenities we take for granted. It would be nice to follow Wellington from Portugal through to France victory after victory bringing the Spanish their freedom and helping to bring Boney himself down. Finally to be at Waterloo the closest run battle of the entire War. There was the brief aside in the war of 1812, oh to have a time machine and go back and tell the British commander don’t charge the cotton bales at New Orleans. Here he is Napoleon himself.

Napoleon Boneparte.

Well what has this got to with climate change, it all happened during the little ice age LIA (so called because no one told the truth), famine sparked the French Revolution which led to Napoleon trying to conquer the whole of Europe. It led to the UK becoming an industrial superpower. Napoleon needed cash to fight his wars of conquest so he sold to the USA what became the Louisiana purchase which he had stolen from the Spanish. America doubled in size. The war of 1812 gave the USA it’s national anthem based on appropriately an English beer game drinking song. Income tax was invented because of the LIA, Frankenstein was born in a chateau in Switzerland. Railways became a reality and mass transit was born. All caused indirectly by the LIA. Napoleon was also defeated not by the armies of Europe but by the LIA on his long march back from Moscow.

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The Little Ice Age.

This is a really good talk on the little ice age enjoy…

Part two…

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I think it is time to think about Deep time when it comes to thinking about climate and I have come across a very good article on the climate in the past specifically the Carboniferous. Towards the end the climate reflected the modern world with similar CO2 levels. I will not bother to bore anyone with my take on it but read the article and enjoy….

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Well as the year draws to a close it is time time to ponder the true meaning of existence and the true nature of reality.

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