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Well this is delicious irony reported on the BBC news website…

Fraudsters are targeting climate scientists with fake conferences in a bid to make cash and obtain details.

Scientists are sent e-mail invitations and directed to a fake conference website – often written using language taken from real scientific meetings.

Typically they are told their travel costs will be refunded – but they have to pay first to reserve a hotel room.

London appears to be their venue of choice…….

One currently live website advertises a conference in February, run by the “Global Warming Volunteer Group” and claiming to “focus on the risks and opportunities posed to society by global warming and… promote the exchange of ideas and learning across the Globe”.

The venue is given as the Crown London Hotel – whose address is the same as the real-life Crowne Plaza…………..

To learn more click on the link…. Scammers

It makes you admire the nerve of some people wanting their share of the new renewable’s economy.
This certainly deserves the Polar Bear dance of joy.

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Not Global Warming.

Here in the sub Tropics and on the same latitude as Casablanca (not to be confused with the burger joint) here are some pictures of global warming about 4 inches of it.

Global Warming 1

More Global warming.

Global warming 2

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Today’s tragic shooting at Pima Arizona with death and wounding of Gifford and 11 other people. Our sympathies to them and their family’s.
However this raises a number of interesting question Jared Lee Loughner is clearly mentally ill please visit his youtube site….
Mentally Ill judge for yourself.
Now if you can make any sense out of that please tell me. The conundrum will be should he receive the death penalty if found guilty of the crime?
He is not firing on all four cylinders but the victims were Democrats whom I’m sure did not believe in the death penalty, so should the Federal Government seek the death penalty in this case.

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