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Can anyone on Gods Green Earth or the entire Multiverse please explain the Dobbsian paradigm known as Libertarian Conservatism?
This political conundrum or f*****d up philosophy of LC as it shall be known is this even possible how can you even be a Libertarian and a Conservative at the same time, this would be the equivalent of mixing Magnesium and Water both perfectly fine if kept separate but very dangerous when mixed together (yes I did check the chemistry and no this is not how it works but I can’t tell people how to blow themselves up before anyone gets pedantic on me).
The political equivalent of lots of bright sparks burning politically brightly but very short lived. Fortunately for politics these two political philosophies are mutually incompatible except in extremely low doses.
If you should combine the two the results would be devastating to the world at large.
So is Dobbsianism a total load of bulls testicles.

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