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I say that because I have noticed that people are cheer leading candidates that have no good chance of winning the election.
Romney a Mormon which will be held against him is saddled with being a centrist and Romney-care.
Perry an initial front runner has put off people with his favoritism to immigrants illegal and legal because of education and the fact that most of the jobs growth in Texas has gone by 81% to them.
Cain while untainted by any scandal will run into an anti black backlash thanks to the Obama effect.
Palin looks like an affair and a coming divorce will kill her chances.
Paul while clearly has the most original ideas but has a foreign policy Achilles heel and is hated by the establishment enough that they will deny him air time to make his case.
Bachmann well she may lose out to the fact that women will tend to vote for the best looking guy and she has not come across well in debates.
Huntsman another Mormon but as he is left of center does not stand a chance.
There are others out there but so far I’m not impressed and before anyone accuses me of anything it is still a sad fact that racism exists among all races in the USA, religious bigotry likewise and it has been found that usually the tallest best looking guy with hair will win.
Personally I was hoping for Palin to throw in her hat into the ring because she very much anti corruption in politics. I hope the divorce rumours are untrue.

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Where the UK went wrong.

I have been rereading a marvelous book by Lawrence James “The Rise and Fall of the British Empire” 1994 St. Martin Griffins press and in it I have come across the following.
“The ground had been well prepared for the apostles of the Anglo-Saxon ideal. Since the 1840’s the public schools had undergone a revolution, started by Dr Thomas Arnold of Rugby, which transformed the habits of mind of the middle and upper classes. Arnold and his acolytes sought to instil Christian altruism into their pupils and direct their ambition and aggression towards the playing field. The public schoolboy, educated according to the Arnoldian code, also learned how to control himself and control others through the prefectorial system, a perfect preparation for ruling and chastising the empires ‘lesser breeds’. Intelligence mattered less than the acquisition of ‘character’, and intellectual activity was largely restricted to otiose and repetitive exercises in the languages of two former imperial powers, Greece and Rome. The end product was a Christian gentleman with a stunted imagination, who played by the rules and whose highest aim was to serve others. If he had to earn his living , he elected to become an army or navy officer, a senior civil servant, a clergyman, a barrister, or joined a branch of the Indian or Colonial administration.”
While this may seem out of date I am sure that elements of this system still exist and have been twisted to produce our current generation of leaders like Dave Cameron and Nick Clegg both clearly feel that they are there to lead us the “lesser people” and both lack imagination and vision. The empire they serve is no longer British but the EU and most definitely not a Christian one.
The public schoolboy system is no longer relevant in a modern world and needs to be cast aside as it has destroyed a once proud nation and rather than produce stalwart empire building men has given us traitors.

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Where were you on Sept 12th?

I ask that question because that really was the day the world changed and not for the better. Sept 11th was a day of complete shock for many people as the enormity of what had just happened had just begun to sink in.
So what has happened in the aftermath of that bad day?
We have had three wars, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The West spent at least three trillion dollars fighting those wars, although it is hard to be accurate as to civilian casualties these are said to be 150,000, allied troops dead approximately 4,700 in Iraq alone the wounded is at least 32,000. 2626 allied soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan 15,000 wounded with 37,000 civilian deaths.
We have struggled through one major recession and now another great depression with 18-25% unemployment in western countries following a nearly fatal financial collapse following years of systemic greed and corruption.
So what do we have to show for this the USA is officially 14 trillion dollars in debt the UK about 1.6 trillion dollars. Illegal immigration has reached endemic proportions yet we have our governments supposedly doing a bang up job of keeping us safe from terrorists all I have to say is you missed a few guys.
All through this we have had the liberal progressive post normal science hippy brigade trying to put the final nail in the coffin by preaching the global apocalypse is coming and without erecting their holy totems to the weather Gods we shall surely die.
It kind of puts things in perspective and to be honest I’m really annoyed they shot Osama bin Laden because that bastard has a lot to really answer for and I’m sure we could have killed and brought him back to life at least a few hundred times.
Lets hope the next ten years are a lot better…

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