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Well good old Borepatch.com got me thinking about trips down memory lane and here are a few that stuck with me from my youth with a Western theme older than I am in fact but on the TV a lot. It’s a pity the western genre has faded so much but is still not dead.

I never appreciated some of it until I did visit out West and you can understand how vast the West really is seeing where the cavalry and cowboys roamed and seeing the Black Hills whose gold caused much conflict with the Lakota Sioux. Enjoy.

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Who knew what the grandparents were up to.

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I came across this gem from Ynetnews.com and it speaks for itself.

Does Israel have any allies left?

This is troubling for peace in the Middle East because if Israel thinks itself friendless it will also feel free not to be constrained by USA opinion and they will have no qualms about turning Iran into a cinder. We are slowly spiraling down into a world war and we have muppets for leaders.

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