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Party like it’s 1199.

I find it amazing the music our ancestors came up with during the Medieval period it has an ethereal quality.







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The USA as a viable sovereign nation state is most certainly doomed and there is nothing anyone can do to fix it.  I’m sure very many people will try to argue otherwise but sadly it’s inevitable and I’m not the only one who has come to that conclusion.

So why is it doomed what factors are in place to doom it?  Firstly you must remember the USA is an empire in itself and it did not grow through happy clappy people singing kumbaya at the indigenous inhabitants.  Lets be honest it expanded as all empires do at the point of a sword and the deliberate genocide or displacement of it’s original inhabitants the fact that any survived is in itself a small miracle if you enjoy living on the most marginal lands in the USA.

So the USA expanded as an empire and like all empires during that phase it prospered and grew richer.  Then like all empires it can no longer expand and slightly over reaches itself with territory’s like the Philippines which it will quickly relinquish this is an empire at it’s zenith it will then turns to the stable phase where it expends a great deal of wealth to maintain it’s wealth and prestige in the world  getting involved in what turns out to be pointless wars to defend what it perceives as it’s interests but in reality are usually not.

Now the USA has entered the decline phase as all empires do and an inevitable shrinking back to it’s core in it’s death throes it will still exert a lot of power and get in involved in yet more pointless wars accelerating it’s spending of wealth and the decline.

Like ancient Rome the symptoms are there the barbarians are pouring across the border invited or not and like those ancient hordes do not share your values but naively everyone expects that nothing could possible go wrong.

Tax avoidance among the wealthy is at an all time high while inflation and unsustainable debt eat away at the foundations of the empire.  The masses need  ever increasing amounts of bread and circuses to keep them quiet via welfare and healthcare all free of course purchased with yet more debt and mindless entertainment 24×7.  Corruption is endemic and the rich abuse their power with impunity and morality is fading fast even among those that claim to be religious.

The debt is now unpayable which means ultimately something has to give and that will be military might while the bread and circuses eat everyones lunch and that is when America’s enemies will strike knowing finally the beast is in it’s death throes.

Of course a rump empire like Byzantium could limp along for a while but like Rome before it it will bring the seeds of it’s own destruction with it.

So no matter who you elect, no matter what you think you can do to change things no matter how many guns you buy, how many rallies you attend how much you personally keep your faith it ultimately does not matter.  The forces of history will grind on and even if you win for a day it’s all going to end.

The only man who saw this clearly was Jefferson but Lincoln made sure that his advice could never be put into practice ever again.  No doubt people will tell me oh this time every things different, it couldn’t happen to us sadly time is running out and hopefully something will arise from the ashes.

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While most Americans are familiar with the founding fathers and the war for Independence and the numerous battles fought lost and won and finally Yorktown.  What most Americans do not realize that this was a truly global war with the British empire not only fighting the colonists they were also fighting the Dutch the French and the Spanish this aspect is conveniently forgotten in the mists of time because of national pride, which is no bad thing.  However as a lover of history I bring you these few clips to show what else was going on at the same time.  One thing the Revolution did force the Royal Navy to do was seek an alternative to tar pitch from American pines and the first copper bottomed ships were born.   Giving the Royal Navy a technological edge and helped us defeat America’s allies for which I am grateful.

The siege of Gibraltar showed the finest side of the British army and the Royal Navy.


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