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The Daily Telegraph UK has undergone somewhat of a transformation lately, far from being the bastion of free speech that it has been for the last four years is slowly falling victim to PC censorship, with the now infamous “Comments are closed”.

So if the topic covered is for example Islam our favourite religion of peace and not in any way violent touch wood, cross fingers honest.   It took only 250 comments on the latest Ed West (no relation to Fred) for it to be closed down.  I know that this particular topic can be polarizing and divisive between those that are the standard bearers of truth, liberty, justice and democracy and Islam.  However why, if I have strong feelings about a religion I feel is literally not in best interests in any size shape or form I should be free to express them and as much as I dislike them so should the Saracen.  It’s called free speech.

So what prompted them pulling the plug did they get a death threat, did they get an even worse threat from a lawyer of the religion of peace which would be worse than death itself the “see you in court”?  Or has UK law been so twisted by socialist scum on a doubleplusungood bender that free speech has now become impossible?

Then we have Ms “Pouty” McCartney (no relation to Paul)  article on the Breivick case in Norway, now the case speaks for itself so there is no need for me to say anything, however don’t post a blog then immediately close off comments.  It’s infuriating so don’t post at all please.   If you feel comments on a legal case ongoing will get you into hot water what makes you think by posting you already haven’t gotten into trouble.  So please just don’t bother.

We are rapidly falling into tyranny with these little steps of censorship we have gone from being able to say what ever we choose(ish) to if it’s not on the approved list you can’t talk about it or it’s off to the reeducation facility on Rockall with you.

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