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The recent two rulings by the supreme court one in favour of regulating CO2 by the EPA as a pollutant and now today in favour of Obamacare has prompted me to wonder whether a Supreme Court justice should be limited to two terms of four years each before having to retire from that bench.  It is clearly constitutional to limit the President to two terms only so I am asking maybe now is the time to limit them and get rid of a bunch of clearly senile old fogeys. I would also propose that they too should be forced to retire at the age of 65 as should all Federal judges I think it is time to breath fresh air into the system and sweep away what the founding fathers intended as it is clearly not working.

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The result of this new proposed law will have a serious impact on blogging on UK websites such as the Daily Telegraph, while on the face of it it seems to want to protect the weak minded and emotionally incontinent from personal attacks from trolls (it’s the interweb what do you expect) by allowing to make moolah from frivolous libel cases or otherwise known as you had your feelings hurt here’s a million quid.

The end result will be blogs will be afraid to publish any comment remotely offensive to anyone on the grounds someone will sue.  The laws in the UK are already some of the strictest when it comes to libel who can forget
Captain Bob Maxwell suing the Private eye and winning when it turned out all of their accusations had been true.

I can foresee a time when a lot of lefties will abuse the new law to close down any web site that disagrees with their philosophy by a few high profile and selective law suits, the coalition will see this as a blessing in disguise as the effect will be to close down any and all free speech.

Well one more nail in the coffin of the UK and I predict with no safety valve for speech the people will resort to more direct means against a repressive government and blood will eventually flow in the streets…Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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