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Grid collapse.  A certain Mr Rajiv Gupta from the Punjab today was blamed for bringing chaos to 670 million people when he decided to plug the kettle in to make some tea.  He is quoted as being extremely sorry.

Seriously this is what happens when a government refuses to take responsibility for it’s national grid and plan for future power supply and consumption and this is no laughing matter not for India or elsewhere especially in the West where the a*seholes we call politicians have refused to face up to their responsibility’s for decades to literally keep the lights on.  Or are making really really really stupid decisions to line their own pockets such as “Green energy” with little thought to the future.

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Well as a few of you are aware the fast food company Chick-fil-a got into a spot of bother because it’s CEO prefers Christian values and is opposed to gay marriage.  This is his right as a free citizen to believe in what he believes in.  However the screaming “chase me chase me” queen bitch lobby militant progressives have gotten upset about this and decided he doesn’t have that right and they will damned well close down his company.  So we have have every sneering centrist or leftist deriding Chik-fil-a and it’s management and for all their efforts of a boycott and massive publicity campaign against them have fortunately failed.

This marks the first time that they have not gotten their way through stamping their feet and sthcweaming and sthcweaming until they are sthick why because people on the right are damned well fed up with them and I detect that patience has finally worn out.

So masses of ordinary people have decided to go to Chick-fil-a and stand up for our point of view by supporting the company and buying their food.  My wife and I did so ourselves to show our support.  The irony is this is the first time in 5 years I have eaten there, is it the best fast food well it’s average and okay but you riled me up so I did my bit.

Do I hate gay people the answer is no, do I hate militant progressive gay people the answer is hell yes, do I support civil unions I don’t have a problem with it, do I support gay marriage no because sometimes somethings are between a man and a woman alone and I believe society needs the family unit to prosper and survive.   It is the basis of Western civilization you dilute that first with gay marriage then plural marriages it will then destroy everything we stand for and anarchy will follow.  Which is what the progressives are really aiming for.

So I ask any of you who can go buy some Chick-fil-a to piss off a progressive today.

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Here’s the link to the article that explains it all here’s hoping….. BLAKES 7

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First of all my sympathy’s to all the families of the dead and the wounded.  Why a lone 24 year man (allegedly) decided to do this we shall no doubt find out during the coming days and weeks and no doubt we shall hear a lot of calls for gun control even outright abolition for private owners from the left.  However we should remember that banning guns would never stop a determined person from getting access to firearms illegally.


So let the law do it’s job and have this young man prosecuted and most likely jailed (this being the USA you can never tell if he would actually be convicted of an obvious crime as a certain ex Football star proved) and let calmer heads prevail.   In the coming weeks lets have a mature discussion on gun ownership because I have a feeling very little could have been done to stop this person who no doubt appeared quite sane when he got the weapon(s) in question.

I can only speculate at this point at his motives but it would do little to help anyone or solve anything.

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America is doomed.

Why it’s quite simple being almost 16 trillion dollars in debt, which means the American dream and informal empire is quite frankly doomed.  There is no way in hell that’s ever going to paid off without a massive decrease in spending while at the same time raising taxes to punitive levels.  

So like all great empires and that is what America really is lets not lie to ourselves it has reached it’s twilight years and has become unsustainable.  I suppose it’s Zenith came with the Vietnam war and just prior to the 1973 oil shock it really has been a slow decline ever since.

It really is sad but now America will soon discover it can no longer afford the vast military might that has sustained it’s place under the Sun and this will over the next few decades slowly be reduced until America becomes merely a regional power in the world.  I know Americans will not accept this and will no doubt curse me for it but it’s what happened to my own country the UK.  Broke and massively in debt after WW2 it insanely decided to implement a very costly health care reform at a time it could least afford it, and something had to give and that was it’s empire and military might and it’s pride was humbled.

Now America has reached the same place it will soon have to abandon it’s costly new health care reform or be doomed to a lingering death.  Already America is refocusing it’s assets on the Pacific region while cutting back it’s military this is just the beginning of the end I’m afraid.

Oh you may cry you are not finished yet and there is the America spirit of get up can do and inventiveness but alas that is in the past your debt and ever increasing government interference with red tape is making it harder for the little guy to create those much needed new jobs.  I’m sorry you really are screwed and decline is now inevitable you can see it in the crumbling infra structure the increasing corruption and ignoring the rule of law.  Even the Tea Party can only slow the tide of decline because real power resides elsewhere and they do not wish to fix things just grab more and more of the share of the wealth.

Is this decline fixable maybe and I can only see one way out and that is to stiff everyone who hold US government debt with a massive default either in whole or in part.   However that will upset the real rulers of the USA and somehow I don’t think they wish to relinquish their hold over the people.

So what will be the consequences of this decline I can see one last major fling of the military dice such as the UK did with Suez in 1956 which will result in the same result, humiliation either financially or militarily for the USA (probably Iran or China), massive civil unrest and even the US military is being prepared to be used against Americans on their home soil, hyper inflation as one last gasp of QE is tried exacerbating the situation, eventually America could break up into four or more parts (Heinlein predicted this back in the 1980’s in his book Friday). 

Well I’m not gloating cause I live in the USA and don’t want or wish it to happen but there is a certain inevitability to it, the point of no return was passed a long time ago and no one noticed and it won’t be without moments of hope and revitalizing of the economy but the trend ultimately is downwards no empire lives forever.  

I shall leave you with one last prediction from my own Cassandra “America will ultimately fight a very big war and it will stand alone, it shall no longer have any allies or friends in the world and it will lose and the price will be a large part of the Western seaboard, the government will fail at last and anarchy shall rule, your salvation shall come from overseas from the mother country and order and democracy will be restored anew but the first Republic will be no more”.  See the Fox’s prophecy as to what happens to the mother country first and it it will be no bed of roses either.



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Pistol Annies…

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Jesus for guns.

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Supposedly in a long lost document that no one believes or reads anymore apparently those pesky Mericans have the rite to arm bears or something like that.  Now I find this rather strange that any person over the age of 6 months can legally own and use guns considering that the very same people are banned ore restricted on the following possibly because of low IQ or mental illness.

1) Hot fast food.

2) Hot drinks from fast food restaurants.

3) Transfats.

4) Salt.

5) Walking across roads except at designated points.

6) Cyclists must wear a safety helmet (not a good sign).

7) Football players must wear safety padding .

8) Drinking in public.

9) Smoking bans.

10) Fireworks  can only be used by the government.

11) Plumbing hot water is set so people can not get hot water.

12 ) Drinking age is 21.

13) Jihadi terrorists are not a problem

14)  Employing pedophiles to grope children at airports as part of a government equal opportunity’s policy gone seriously wrong.

However in some states the following is legal bestiality, necrophilia and eating roadkill and that’s probably in Texas.

Of course I’m exaggerating a bit but why are people allowed to carry boom sticks that can kill people when it’s own government clearly thinks the population is somewhat “special” and clearly have ridden the short bus at some point.  Mind you I suspect it’s the government that has special needs issues.

So are the Mericans clearly a few sandwichs short of a picnic or is something very wrong in freedom land. 

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