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The Federal government in the USA is probably the biggest land owner in the USA and effectively controls 28% of the 2.27 billion acres in the country.  It clearly has no reason or excuse to keep more than 5% of that land for say national parks, military use and some other minor uses.  So why not actually sell that land to private interests and use the money to pay down part of the debt.  By my highly through and intensive pen on napkin research and my usual not bothering to check the facts too much I am guessing that at 522,100,000 acres for sale at an average of $1000 an acre or selling off the mineral rights you could raise anything between 1/2 a trillion dollars to 1 1/2 trillion dollars.   This money while not eliminating the debt would at least if combined with some serious fiscal tightening could help get to a place where you could at least begin to tackle the debt.

I know it’s not likely to happen and the current administration would sell the land to Americas enemies but when you are broke maybe it’s time to sell off some of the family silver.

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If anyone has been in any doubt as to the Muslim sympathies of the POTUS and his legions of sychophantic followers here is proof as to where he wants to lead America….


Anyone who votes democrat is now officially a traitor to the Republic.

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You can always tell if a civilization is on the up or declining purely based on it’s plumbing and sewer system.  Most civilizations can be judged to be advanced or to not avoid a pun plain crap by their use of plumbing, clean water and sewer system and if they are in decline by the same measures.  A lot of civilizations have managed irrigation, and clean water supply but not done a lot about sewers such as the Maya, Egyptians, Sumerians and they can be judged to be semi advanced all of these declined rapidly when the sources of clean available water literally dried up.  In Egypts case multiple times.  An early example of the true mastery  of water and an advanced civilization is Rome which also mastered the sewer and public toilets on an epic scale as it’s mastery of the above grew so did Romes might and the simple aqueduct help them conquer the world or rather the bit that mattered.   Rome declined when it’s ability to maintain it’s plumbing declined first as knowledge was lost and a don’t give a damn buearocracy took over.  Without true mastery of water disease spread more easily and towns shrank.

It was more than 1600 years before another civilization again truly mastered water and that is our own the benefits were immense as new sewers were created to get rid of waste were constructed, clean water became abundant as did irrigation, canals, dams etc.  It’s been impressive as the West mastered water it conquered the world then led it into modernity beyond anything achieved before.

However now we see that this infra structure is being poorly maintained, water resources are becoming scarcer and the simple act of having a working flushing toilet is becoming rarer.  I know we are doomed as a civilization because the new automatic flushing toilets at work have been designed by environazis and don’t f&cking flush or work worth a damn.   When Green idiots are allowed to mess with the plumbing and design is valued over actual function your civilizations days are numbered.

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Legalized bank theft.

Read the article from Ann Barnhardt and find out why the Romans stashed coin and jewelry hordes all over the place when they faced financial collapse and the ruin of their civilization.  The American legal system can now said to be non existent if you believe in the rule of law.  It is best to read her article and then plan for the coming collapse.

Its the article called…. Full Sentinel Ruling Link

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If you look at the medal tables the USA came out on top by number followed by China then Russia then the UK.  If you look at it from Gold medals it was USA, China, UK then Russia.   Well kudos to all the athletes you did your best and got your reward.

However lets look at the medal tables from a per head of population perspective.  China has about 1.2 billion people, the USA a quarter of that, Russia one tenth and the UK one twentieth.  So if you work it out then by this you get UK, Russia, USA and China the medal tally would have been if we all had Chinas population.  Here’s the medal tally UK 1300, Russia 820, USA 416, China 87.

So this proves to me the UK won the Olympics and are number one by a clear margin and so in your face the rest of the World.


This message was brought to you by the Liberal/progressive school of statistics.

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First of all nothing excuses this and my condolences to the families of these people and anyone injured I hope makes a speedy recovery.

Now one thing that has struck me as odd in this case is that the alleged shooter is ex military and worked at Fort Bragg in the Psychological operations unit, now call me really paranoid but the army base has a history of shootings the most notable being that by Major Hasan (allegedly) a psychiatrist, the Aurora shootings again allegedly by person who had been taking a doctorate in neuroscience.

Either anyone studying or practicing these related fields is a threat and they should ban the subjects or there are three Manchurian candidates wandering around.  Or there were  just have three random shootings for no apparent reason.   I expect you will see more such “random” mass shootings until the government gets it’s way and a gun ban is enforced.  Then oddly these incidents will suddenly stop.

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With Chick-fil-a appreciation day a resounding success yesterday with lines reported across the country and here locally needing police to direct traffic because of the queues it is clear that the Gay/Liberal/Progressive/Democrat community has clearly misjudged the public mood.

It is clear that having made Gay marriage a key reform platform of the left they are about to commit electoral suicide this coming November in the Presidential and other elections.  No amount of spin can possibly help them.  The Dems will be stuck supporting an issue that the majority did not ask for or want.  Even among their own hard core vote such as the African American community there are now a lot of people such as pastors telling their congregations not to vote for Obama.  This is unheard of, likewise the Hispanic community will be unhappy about this issue.  The only group outside of the LGBT community remaining loyal to the idea will be the Jewish community but even they as a group seem to be cracking as a monolithic voting block with maybe 30% abstaining from voting or coming over to the dark side and the Republican party.

This will only leave them with a hardcore vote  that would vote for bestiality if Nancy Pelosi recommended it because they have zero common sense and quite frankly are retarded.  So I expect the media to keep plugging the idea as well as the entire entertainment industry and activist judges pulling rights out of their bottoms to try and over ride the will of the people.  However the people are clearly upset and will show it at the ballot box.

All I can do is thank the Liberals for creating an issue that has galvanized millions to hate you and everything you stand for.  Now all we can hope that the people of the UK do the same and reject any party that supports this issue (Libdems/Conservatives/Labour) and boycotts any newspaper (take note Daily Telegraph) or TV station or any other organization or company that does.  Use the power that you still have your wallet/purse and vote.   To the LGBT community you can not legislate people liking you and issues like this will have the opposite effect to what you intended.

I like many other people have decided to tell the progressives it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge.

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