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As we know our entire planet is governed by a trans dimensional shape shifting reptiloids source (zlop et al) in conjunction with a branch of the British secret service MI7 and half.

As we also know just about everyone in power or in Hollywood are obviously reptiloids so this leads us to our two candidates Obama and Romney both clearly lizard like and without higher brain functions and like to eat live mice.

However since we are their slaves really don’t have much say in the coming election who is your favourite reptiloid candidate.


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The muslim/dhimmi in chiefs pandering to radical Islam have finally yielded fruit well apart from the genocide of the Coptic Christians and destruction of women’s rights in Egypt with the storming of the US embassy compound in Cairo today.

Religion of peace in action.

It gets worse America apologizes for having it’s embassy stormed, the treasonous scum in the White House need to be sent packing soon.

Treasonous scum.

It gets worse one US man killed at consulate in Benghazi.

More peace in action.

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Castle law.

Good for him but the police still acted like total asses.  I think it’s impressive that a 92 year old man could hit an intruder straight in the heart at his age (allegedly), the man Earl Jones ex army airforce WW2 veteran deserves a medal.

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