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Colonization of America?

Well just out grocery shopping tonight and was greeted by the sight of two non white gentlemen wearing nighties and 90’s rapper pants well as this was not Wally world where the worlds mutants gather I instantly recognized them for what they were either a couple of extreme homosexuals on some weird goat fetish or terrorists. ¬†Because the last time I checked and having worked with a person insisting on wearing night dress to go about town or work it is a statement of we are different and we are here to colonize you and very probably have a strange obsession with killing the foreign leaders of a religion that schism-ed from yours 1400 years ago.

Then there were the two ladies going for the Jackie Kennedy look 50 years too late and that head scarfs and so not 21st century.

Well since the second election of the “expletive deleted” anti christ which is ironic since he’s a Muslim anyhow my tolerance levels are now zero and I say go forth and multiply in a biblical sense. ¬†I can guarantee at some point these loonies will blow something up.

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