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This coming Memorial day Monday 27th May America with the exception of Liberal Progressives and the President and his advisers take some time to remember the dead that have fallen in America’s wars justified or not.  A lot of men and women gave their lives for their country and in the fight against the Axis you can say they fought in a just war and for that most of us are grateful.  As for some other wars I feel sorry for those that died on the political whim of their masters in Washington in their pursuit of policy, oil, money and drug running on a massive scale.

However for all those that gave their lives for a cause or were maimed there were those that dishonored their nation and flag, the 3500 known rapes in England (146), France and Germany during WW2, the marines raping their way through Okinawa but not among other troops and the multiple massacres of prisoners by American troops in Germany or the neglect that led to over 75,000 POW’s dying under their care, the lessons of Andersonville had been sorely lost on the army.

Yes before you say it the enemy committed far far worse actions and that is true but if you are supposed to be the good guys of a God fearing nation why did these things happen?  The sad thing is most of these crimes went unpunished and even today atrocities are still being carried out and the lessons of Nuremberg forgotten.  I checked the British and Empire armies for similar acts of barbarism and they don’t even come close. 

However saying all that I still salute the majority the 99% that were good and deserve our respect. 


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A large meteorite was seen falling over the Mississippi valley tonight approximately 10:50 pm CST somewhere over eastern Arkansas opposite the urban Memphis area.  Colour yellow and very bright with no tail, at first it looked like an aircraft from a distance falling in a steep parabolic curve and as it was at the same time FEDEX lands lots of planes overnight at Memphis International airport I assumed they had finally lost one.  Fortunately it was merely a bright meteor.  Proving it is hard to judge distance and size at night.   

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