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If you accept the concept of hell then quite a lot of them including George Washington, however I suspect like all Americans they only believed in the concept of Heaven and have skipped the Hell bit otherwise they would have been nicer human beings.  I could list all their sins but it would be a long list and Ben Franklin must have an entire section of Hell devoted just to him .

So we should step back and remember what the revolution was really about which was power, money, control and above all land and with the bonus of killing more of those pesky Native Americans getting in the way and claiming the land was theirs and who believed that.

So after two hundred years where has it led a country ruled by men and not laws arbitrary seizure of land and property, assassination of citizens for merely being inconvenient or about to spill the beans, murder of the unborn in sometimes horrific fashion, torture, imprisoning people without trial.  Racial discrimination against white people codified into law, special laws granting more rights to gay people.  Rule of the many by billionaire modern day aristocrats through useful puppets.

So it’s been a resounding success if that was your aim in the first place, King George the Third whom I have no doubt is in Heaven is looking down and laughing his arse off.  I told you he was right.


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