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Okay someone else’s blog has inspired to me to write areal article on race not one based on hippy dippy kumbaya wishful thinking.  So I will ask a number of questions.

  • Does race actually exist?
  • Does it matter if did?
  • Does race affect average IQ within a race?
  • Does diet affect IQ more than genetics?
  • Do parasites and disease affect IQ more than genetics?
  • Does race affect health?
  • Is poor health/early death a result of racism, diet or genetic differences?
  • Are humans really two maybe three species considering the new genetic evidence showing hybridization between different homins leaving distinct genetic differences?
  • Does that make race therefore irrelevant and is it speciesism?
  • Does race affect how a person sees the world?
  • Epigenetics versus genetics which explains any differences better.
  • Is criminality a result of your race or is it environment?

What we know so far or think we do is that different races have different average IQ’s, different races are more prone to different diseases than others, criminality is higher among some races than others, some races can dance some can’t.  Some races can drink milk others cannot into adulthood, some can metabolize alcohol others cannot. The different races view the world different quite literally.

Anyhow getting back to my initial point why is ignoring race killing people?  Well it’s quite simple because of the Kumbaya brigade medical studies have been strongly discouraged to ignore or be silent about any data indicating differences and we are not talking IQ we are talking things like reaction to different drugs that cure condition X, while race one reacts favorably to the drug, race two can be adversely impacted or the drug has no effect.  However the Kumbaya brigade force the study to declare that the drug is a one size fits all and any mention of adverse effects on race two are quietly buried.

Another reason the Kumbaya brigade cause deaths or rather cause people to ignore genocide is that only white people can be racist therefore for hypothetical example brown people killing black people by the tens of thousands is probably nothing more than a “shop lifting incident” and therefore we should not interfere and save them and who are we to judge them after all.

Anyhow the Kumbaya brigade do make me laugh because they are the first to segregate themselves into communities of like race marry within their race and attend schools with people just like them however they do tend to feel morally superior by telling others who do the exact opposite that they are racist.

I’ve tried to hash out answers to the above questions over many years and still have no clear answers other than yes genetics does explain some differences, epigenetics others and environment maybe more or less depending on where you live.   I must also be racist because I’m in a mixed race married by some weird logic of the Kumbaya brigade and that they know all the answers better than myself “because racism”.  So does it matter if there are distinct differences or even if there are should we not rise above that as human beings and no matter what race/species we are, we are still human beings and should learn to rise above that after all we are the only mammals that has the capability to do that but we should still recognize that sometimes race is important for your health.

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Libertarians around the World.

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