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If anyone has been in any doubt as to the Muslim sympathies of the POTUS and his legions of sychophantic followers here is proof as to where he wants to lead America….


Anyone who votes democrat is now officially a traitor to the Republic.

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With Chick-fil-a appreciation day a resounding success yesterday with lines reported across the country and here locally needing police to direct traffic because of the queues it is clear that the Gay/Liberal/Progressive/Democrat community has clearly misjudged the public mood.

It is clear that having made Gay marriage a key reform platform of the left they are about to commit electoral suicide this coming November in the Presidential and other elections.  No amount of spin can possibly help them.  The Dems will be stuck supporting an issue that the majority did not ask for or want.  Even among their own hard core vote such as the African American community there are now a lot of people such as pastors telling their congregations not to vote for Obama.  This is unheard of, likewise the Hispanic community will be unhappy about this issue.  The only group outside of the LGBT community remaining loyal to the idea will be the Jewish community but even they as a group seem to be cracking as a monolithic voting block with maybe 30% abstaining from voting or coming over to the dark side and the Republican party.

This will only leave them with a hardcore vote  that would vote for bestiality if Nancy Pelosi recommended it because they have zero common sense and quite frankly are retarded.  So I expect the media to keep plugging the idea as well as the entire entertainment industry and activist judges pulling rights out of their bottoms to try and over ride the will of the people.  However the people are clearly upset and will show it at the ballot box.

All I can do is thank the Liberals for creating an issue that has galvanized millions to hate you and everything you stand for.  Now all we can hope that the people of the UK do the same and reject any party that supports this issue (Libdems/Conservatives/Labour) and boycotts any newspaper (take note Daily Telegraph) or TV station or any other organization or company that does.  Use the power that you still have your wallet/purse and vote.   To the LGBT community you can not legislate people liking you and issues like this will have the opposite effect to what you intended.

I like many other people have decided to tell the progressives it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge.

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Grid collapse.  A certain Mr Rajiv Gupta from the Punjab today was blamed for bringing chaos to 670 million people when he decided to plug the kettle in to make some tea.  He is quoted as being extremely sorry.

Seriously this is what happens when a government refuses to take responsibility for it’s national grid and plan for future power supply and consumption and this is no laughing matter not for India or elsewhere especially in the West where the a*seholes we call politicians have refused to face up to their responsibility’s for decades to literally keep the lights on.  Or are making really really really stupid decisions to line their own pockets such as “Green energy” with little thought to the future.

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