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With all the hoo ha going on about phone hacking on the News of the World phone Hacking which seems to be the gift that keeps on giving to an inward focused media. It has occurred to me it really on a scale of 1 to 10 and being at least a two year old story much ado about nothing in the grand scheme of things.
So I ask why now? Rupert Murdock may be an unlikable character and a ruthless businessman but and here is the but a very successful businessman. So why attack him now, why is he the center of the news of a sudden he is quite adept at backing the right horse politically whether on the right or the left so he obviously cares little for who is in charge one way or another.
So it got me to thinking maybe this is just a massive smokescreen to bury some really really big news item in the coming month what are they trying to hide?
So give me your thoughts is Niburu imminent, a black hole is going to eat the earth, are the reptiloids finally going to reveal themselves, have they found Atlantis or more likely the money people have run out of fancy tricks to keep the party going.


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Having being brought up on the last posting about how revealing certain posh clothing styles were during the Regency only to be followed by the dour Victorians. What time period is your favourite for clothing styles, which had the stupidest clothes and I’m thinking 1970’s here and you can throw in some music to illustrate your point.

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