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An interesting article in the DT here
tells of Dave going to a commonwealth meeting in Australia is finally concerned over the attempts by the EU to destroy the one last successful sector of the UK economy which is finance aka the City of London. Now this a sector Dave cares about after all it was his fathers business and one no doubt he understands. The article tells he is seriously concerned on protecting it and the fact the recent Commons rebellion has rattled his cage enough that he is seriously going to try and get back political control of certain areas which should never have to Brussels such as employment and social law.
We shall see if that is still possible or if he is really serious. Personally he should be using his time at the Commonwealth meeting to strengthen ties with countries we have a historical connection with and present the UK with better opportunities for trade.


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Well we have been expecting this one for some time and Jooliar finally dropped the big one…. Mad Max Anthony Watts from WUWT is leading with this one.
So this is what Australia will look like in 20 years…..

I expect libertygibbert will no doubt have something to say on this.

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“The nationwide drop in crime extends to several of our most dangerous cities, including the Memphis, Tenn., area, which comes in at No. 2 with 1,006 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, down from 1,146 the year before.”
Original article here Memfrica crime
At least it’s dropping thanks to operation blue crush courtesy of the Membabwe police force when it isn’t beating up transvestite prostitutes or guarding drug dealers warehouses or have one of their own deliberately shoot himself because of an underage teenager (allegedly).
So with pride we came in number 2 we were number 5 last year.

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