Well the libtards at the BBC have outdone themselves as usual even if it’s a SciFi show, firstly they are joined by a T-Rex at least 4 times bigger than anything capable of in nature that apparently loves wading in the Thames does not eat people because as we know all dinosaurs were vegetarian and is capable of language.  

The Doctor goes for a swim in the 19th century Thames a river so polluted by then even an alien would have come down with at least six interesting diseases.

However they managed to promote an interspecies lesbian relationship or bestiality as it’s better known between a racist or rather speciesist Madam Vastra (Silurian) and her wife/servant Jenny, Madam Vastra manages to not only hate mankind, men in particular but is married to a human woman whom she treats like a slave.  So I’m not sure what kind of message Moffat is trying to send here but I’m glad I don’t go to the same nightclubs he does.


However ignoring all that generally all round good episode and excellent acting all round and love the new Doctor, Capaldi.  The clockwork robots from the 51st century are a nice creepy touch and just who is the guardian of the Netherworld?



RIP Robin Williams.

My sympathies to his family on their tragic loss of this great talent who struggled with bipolar mental illness.


Some Opera…….










Sigmund Freud Song

Mother Love Ballad.

Emoticons and Journalists.

I have been thinking lately which is never a good idea and come up with two questions.

1) Are the yellow emoticons everyone takes for granted inherently racist?

2) If it takes an infinite number of monkeys typing randomly on a keyboard to come up with the entire works of Shakespeare, would it take one drunken monkey half an hour to come up with the garbage your average “left leaning, politician ass kissing” western journalist produces?








Well thinking about the culture here in the USA has got me to pondering a simple question, has the American propensity for spoiling children and sparing the rod or any other meaningful chastisement for the last 40 years, led to increased gun ownership as people now have to protect themselves from the result of that policy.

I mean think about it you raise children with no boundaries at home or school then you wonder why a large percentage of them end up committing crimes, doing drugs or are pretty much useless human beings.  So thanks to an increase in violent crimes their parents caused by not smacking them, later on in life they get shot by people defending themselves or the police.

So do Americans have themselves to blame for their own crime problem, of course it’s probably more complicated than that everything is really but when they elected a community organizer twice in a row you really have to wonder about about the culture and whats wrong with it.  They had a perfectly good republic and yet they voted it away into oblivion.


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